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Lulu...Re-member your heart

Have you forgotten who you really are? Where did you bury all your excitement for life, for joy, for simply being yourself, no matter what?
The 'baby' of ten children in a small town in 1950s Northern Ireland, Lulu watched, listened and absorbed the dreams and struggles of her family, where life was tough, and they didn't have much, and love was never really spoken but came as hot dinner and clothes to wear. A dominant, powerful daddy and a tired, gentle mammy, with alcohol both their provider and the unwelcome thief of family life. Step inside her memories, through the eyes of that little girl.
Let yourself laugh and cry at the innocent spark that is Lulu, and discover the depth of feeling and meaning each little child absorbs from everything and everyone around them, and how this makes us who we are.
Lulu entices you into RE-membering the little child inside you, to let your own memories bubble up into the light. Let Lulu lead you back to knowing the divine spark of life that you really are, and allow yourself to play again.
You are love, and you are meant to shine. WE all were born to be this. As you polish up your heart, you can be more YOU, and release all the freedom, joy, creation, excitement and thrill of being alive.

Nuala Susan White

I'm Nuala, Lulu and a wayshower.
I've always been passionate about the inner child in us all. Starting with myself as Lulu in early childhood learning to navigate the massive works of the heart through all the programming and beliefs and limitations given by parents, big people and life.
A personal development and change expert since 1983, when my world changed in a flash as I discovered there was a 'ME'. A me who could choose who to be and how to be! And so the journey began.
I have trained and delivered countless programmes as a personal development facilitator and corporate change Leader and learning consultant. A qualified psychotherapist, and rapid change coach in numerous modalities. The essence is 'Being With' - that pure space that opens through the deepest listening. I call on divine light and love as the powerful healers that free myself and others, yet fully grounded in the real ordinary and extraordinary lives I'm blessed to help.
All my life's experience brought together to serve the work of igniting your inner child in service to your now life. Life and family traumas brought me sickness and chronic disease. I know the conflicts within family when we cannot change the dynamic or clear the pain that brings broken doors and walls and hearts. And living surrounded by Aspergers in the home has not been an easy ride.
My greatest life challenge came when beloved husband had a near fatal brain haemorrhage in 2013. Every skill in my tool bag and every shred of inner strength empowered Don's rehabilitation from profound disability back to walking, talking, driving, working and LIVING!
Now stepping into my light with self love and an honouring of the shadows, my life and family have been transformed. Miracle moments occur almost every day. We are healing.
My life and work are a pure joy, full of wonder and challenge, light and shade, and a yellow brick road.
I'll follow the path given clearly to me by God…the Spirit in me, wherever it may lead...
Lulu is the first of a series of books… "When the Troubles began. The growing up years"; "Poetry of life"; and workbooks.
My MSC in Asperger's. 'Finding the positive' is published.
If you would like to contact me please do. I'm so keen to know how your own inner child responds. [1]. Facebook 'Lulu and me and you'.

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