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Woman's Book of Strength

Words of Encouragement and Strength for Every Woman

"This book is a powerful guide to fearless living. Sue Patton Thoele teaches women how to honor, embrace, and claim their personal strength and inner wisdom.” —HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training

Bestselling author with over 1 million books sold, Sue Thoele, is back with The Woman’s Book of Strength!

Discover your power as a strong confident woman. The Woman’s Book of Strength clothes you in words of encouragement and strength making you feel empowered and courageous enough to act on your heart's desire. It is the perfect companion to grow you in tenacity and compassion. These daily meditations strengthen you to be whole.

Meditate on words of encouragement and strength. This powerful book full of daily meditations drives you to manifest the power of inner peace. It contains over 125 meditations, stories, and words of encouragement for women on becoming stronger, happier, and empowered.

Take advantage of your personal strength. A strong confident woman knows how to balance strength with caring and understanding. This book prepares you with words of encouragement and strength for the biggest and smallest bumps on this road called life.

The Woman’s Book of Strength offers:

Gentle and encouraging methods to increase self-compassionLessons and tips for owning your strength and inner peaceInspiring stories of empowered women creating positive change

Readers of daily meditation books like Practicing Mindfulness, Meditations on Self-Love, Strength for Each Day, or Powerful Thinking will love Strength: Meditations for Wisdom, Balance & Power.

Sue Patton Thoele

Sue Patton Thoele is a psychotherapist, former hospice chaplain and bereavement group leader, and author of ten books. She and her husband, Gene, live in Colorado, close to their adult children and grandchildren. Her passions include friendships, swimming with free dolphins, being a "soccer grammy," arts and crafts, exploring spirituality with her husband, and encouraging herself and others to find balance, peace of mind, and open-heartedness through the gentle practice of increased mindfulness. Her books include: The Courage to Be Yourself, The Woman's Book of Courage, Autumn of the Spring Chicken, Heart Centered Marriage, The Woman's Book of Confidence, The Woman's Book of Spirit, Freedoms After 50, Growing Hope, The Courage to Be a Stepmom, The Woman's Book of Soul, and The Courage to Be Yourself Journal.

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