This image is the cover for the book The Rainbow Warrior

The Rainbow Warrior

The Rainbow Warrior is an ancient warrior princess whose mission is to build an army full of potential. Her army’s aim is to protect and enrich our beautiful planet. She has been resting for thousands of years. Now she has awoken and wants to awaken the rest of humanity but needs your help! This book hopes to heighten our conscious awareness that every single person is uniquely important in the fabric of existence. If we endeavour to empower ourselves, we can become a force for the enrichment of our civilisation and a healer of our planet.

Caroline Murphy-Bennis

Caroline Murphy-Bennis is an award-winning graphic designer working in visual communications for the past 23 years, both in Scotland and Ireland. She completed her studies at WIT, Ireland, in 1993. Partner at Bennis Design since 2002, working with Irish Government agencies helping to create physical and mental health, environmental and innovation-based initiatives. Caroline lectured design at Griffith College, Dublin, from 2013–2016. She completed a Post Graduate Special Purpose Award in training and education in 2015. She has written Design Thinking Modules for Griffith Colleges BA (Honours) Degree in design communications. Caroline’s creative writing stems from her close relationship with nature.