This image is the cover for the book The Neuro-Grip Challenge, A Radical Program for Building Greater Strength and Power in Your Upper Body

The Neuro-Grip Challenge, A Radical Program for Building Greater Strength and Power in Your Upper Body

Warrior Athletes: Want to Fix Your Fatal Flaws? Here’s How…

What fails you now as a competitive warrior athlete? Could it be fatal flaws like: weak wrists, suspect shoulders, lack of power, poor mobility, sick joints, mediocre grip strength, bad balance, an unstable core or poor recovery times?

If you have any ONE of these fatal flaws, you’ll be a loser more often than a winner when they hit you with the hard stuff. More flaws than one? You’ll be history, all too soon…

It’s a fact: most of us do a lousy job of fixing our flaws—and set ourselves up for failure. But with the arrival of Jon Bruney’s combo of Neuro-Grip tool and multi-method training system, all of that has changed forever. Simply implement Bruney’s secrets—and become the unstoppable warrior athlete you’ve always wanted to be…

When you’ve trained the Bruney way with Neuro-Grips, you’ll need to come with a warning label: Beware of The Specimen!

For martial artists, fighters, grapplers and full-contact athletes, the Bruney Neuro-Grips program helps fix ALL of your flaws—and go beyond what you ever imagined possible for yourself. It’s a set of devastating advantages you’d be a fool to miss out on… 

Imagine yourself being able to:

Punch holes through walls—with your reinforced concrete fists, unbreakable wrists and massive forearms Stagger the competition with your brute biceps, impregnable shoulders, etched abs and magnificent chest Shock opponents with your crushing, limb-wrenching grip Explode into a lethal fury of strikes—that would have the baddest hombre reeling backwards in dismay Glide with an eye-popping, fluid grace—with your newfound movement skills Master the secrets of extreme muscle control so you can effortlessly swing from full tension to utter relaxation—just like the most elite of athletes Injury-proof your joints—to dramatically reduce your liability as a warrior athlete Possess the potent endurance of a stallion on steroids Own a dynamic core—that sends a powerful warning signal to all comers Enjoy the pleasure of a bulging extra muscle pump—with the special Bruney occlusion secrets

This all can be yours when you fix your flaws the Bruney way…

Jon Bruney's The Neuro-Grip Challenge isn't just a book about a training device: this book contains some of the most interesting insights on teaching tension I have ever seen in my career. 

The sections on wrist care are as good as anything I have seen. And, that is what I like about The Neuro-Grip Challenge: regressions, corrections, rehab, prehab, programming and exciting new ideas and techniques drip off every page. 

Jon understands the need to bring the nervous system first and foremost into our strength training. Jon is a master at engineering new ways to challenge and refocus our nervous system—which leads to "more." More on the bar, more reps, more sets and more success. 

I love this book.”—DAN JOHN author of Never Let Go

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