This image is the cover for the book Second Marriage With the Prince, Volume 2

Second Marriage With the Prince, Volume 2

In her previous life, she had placed too much trust in the people around her, resulting in her mother's tragic death!Once she was reborn, she would definitely make those people pay the price!The stepmother was vicious? Good! Then she would be even more poisonous than she was!Proud Big Sister Shu has a venomous heart? Good! Then, she would peel off that beauty's skin and leave no place for that venomous heart to hide!His previous life had been hurt by love, and in this life, he had cut off all love in order to protect the people he wanted to protect.However, why was that man by her side always lingering around like a ghost? He would always appear wherever she went …

Cha XiaoQiong, Lemon Novel