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Pioneers of Mill Creek Canyon

The pioneers of Mill Creek Canyon in the San Bernardino Mountains were visionaries, eccentrics and adventurers. Daniel Sexton married a Native American wife hoping to gain the secret to a mine, while Peter Forsee, a world-weary sheriff, married a widow who was sheltering two outlaw sons. Sylvanus Thurman's burros carried travelers into the wild and sometimes took them for a wild ride. George Burris didn't find gold, but his marble discovery built mansions. D. Rhea Igo created roadside attractions, and Louie Torrey left the city to farm the forest, creating a paradise for his family and others. Join author Shannon Wray as she explores the colorful lives of those who left an indelible mark on Mill Creek Canyon.

Shannon Wray

Shannon Wray's story in Mill Creek Canyon began when her great-great-grandfather came in 1847 with a U.S. Army detachment to cut trees for a flagpole at Fort Moore in Los Angeles. As a child, she spent summers in the canyon and, beginning in 1968, attended school at the old two-room Fallsvale Schoolhouse. Shannon enjoyed careers in publishing in the United States and Canada before becoming a television producer and traveling the world for more than thirty years. Shannon lives in Mill Creek Canyon with her family.

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