This image is the cover for the book The Blue Moon Diamond

The Blue Moon Diamond

Perhaps it had to rain, For the clouds to clear   Perhaps I had to fall, To conquer my fear   Perhaps the wind had to blow, For the trees to sway   Perhaps my heart had to break, For my feet to stand and pray.   - Shama Chilmi

Shama Chilmi

The author, Shama Chilmi is a writer, teacher, pharmacist and an orator who hails from the Indian subcontinent. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science and a Master’s degree in Pharmacology. She briefly worked as a teacher while pursuing her studies in India and moved to the UAE after the completion of her studies, following which she worked as Pharmacist in the UAE for a few years. She is a dedicated wife and a doting mother to two little kids and currently pursues her greatest passion, writing.