This image is the cover for the book Descending Phoenix- To be Emperor, Volume 4

Descending Phoenix- To be Emperor, Volume 4

In her previous life, the person she married was not a decent man. As a noble empress, she was still framed by the person she trusted the most. She was hacked into pieces and died due to injustice. In her rebirth, the struggle for imperial power was still unavoidable. She cast all the misfortune she had suffered in her previous life into the shape of a sword or armor. It would shake the world and shake all the rivers and mountains. Who said that she was venomous, jealous, and unscrupulous? She would wipe out her enemies and help her husband ascend the throne. Who said that she, Feng Ning Yan, would hold the hand of government and shake the foundations of the country? Then she would kill all the deceitful officials and ascend the throne! However, who would know that what she did was not to rule the world, but to live forever. Her goal was the name branded deeply in her heart by her past life. Shen Lingjue, I will not let you down in this life.

Die RanYi, Lemon Novel