This image is the cover for the book Bienvenidos To Our Kitchen

Bienvenidos To Our Kitchen

Over 200 simple and authentic Mexican recipes you can cook at home, from breakfasts and beverages to dinners and desserts.

Delicious and colorful Mexican cuisine is a combination of many generations of recipes. Each household has family secrets that have blended to create a savory national cuisine. Surprisingly, with a little help from our south-of-the-border neighbors, we can prepare these wonderful and simple dishes.

These secrets are now passed north of the border by Luis and Marilyn Peinado in Bienvenidos to Our Kitchen, a collection of authentic recipes mastered by the authors while living in Mexico. Beginning with the basic elements of Mexican cooking, this book teaches both traditional and contemporary methods of Mexican cooking and applies them to popular and exotic menus and recipes. It’s a mouth-watering compilation of foods that defines Mexico’s heritage.

With the Peinados’ simple guidelines and instructions, basic recipes like tamales, enchiladas, and flán can be part of everyday meals. More adventurous cooks might prefer challenges such as homemade tortillas, salsa, or guacamole. But, for the real spirit of Mexico, follow their recipes for empañadas, albondigitas, or fish fillets in adobo sauce.

Often using the Mexican names for foods, spices, and ingredients, the Peinados provide a comprehensive glossary and easy-to-follow guide to Mexican ingredients and their equivalents in English. This compilation of Mexican recipes, obtained firsthand from real Mexican kitchens, brings out the true essence of Mexican cooking.

Luis Peinado, Marilyn Peinado

  The Peinados live in San Antonio, Texas, where they both enjoy cooking Latin American cuisine for parties of six to ten people. Luis is a native of La Paz, Bolivia, and lived for over twenty years in Mexico. Marilyn, a native of Mexico City, married Luis in 1982. In addition to their native knowledge of the foods of Mexico, they have spent six months traveling the country, researching current trends of Mexican cuisine.

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