This image is the cover for the book Fly Fishing New Hampshire's Secret Waters, Natural History

Fly Fishing New Hampshire's Secret Waters, Natural History

New Hampshire's hard and rugged exterior protects one of America's richest native brook trout fisheries. These abundant waters are as varied as the landscape, from Mount Washington to peaceful meadows. The anticipation of the largest mayfly hatch contrasts with the quiet, deep waters of holding pools, and anglers are rewarded when they learn how to read the rivers and streams. Remote areas such as the Perry Ponds may require an entire day, while more accessible waters such as Mink Brook still provide excitement. With more than fifty years of experience, Steve Angers reveals some of his favorite spots and details what it takes to be successful when fishing in the Granite State.

Steve Angers

Steve Angers, a native to the state of New Hampshire, has spent more than fifty years in the pursuit of and preservation of wild brook trout. Since catching his first brook trout at the base of Champney Falls in 1964, he has traveled far and wide through New England's beautiful landscapes, ultimately returning to New Hampshire. Steve is an accomplished fly tyer who enjoys old-school patterns as well as creating new patterns. When Steve isn't fishing, he works with Trout Unlimited protecting wild brook trout habitat. Steve owns and operates the North Country Angler in North Conway.

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