This image is the cover for the book Little Gibraltar Street

Little Gibraltar Street

Escape into the gripping tale of Saffi, a young, privileged, and restless girl yearning for a life of adventure. In the backdrop of 1929, on a fateful Christmas morning, she coerces her friend and family employee, Lottie, into embarking on an impulsive journey from Melbourne to Perth. Little do they know, the uncharted path that lies before them spans over two thousand miles of rugged dirt roads. Ill-equipped for the arduous journey, Saffi and Lottie’s fate takes an unexpected turn when they encounter Raana, a resourceful and destitute Afghan girl whose indispensable guidance propels them beyond Adelaide. Their group reaches its full complement when they chance upon Sam, a wounded young man scarred by a harsh upbringing and distorted views on relationships. Venturing into the unforgiving wilderness west of Port Augusta, they confront a land ravaged by drought and the looming shadow of the Great Depression. In the face of scorching heat, swirling dust storms, shifting sands, poverty, and the ugly face of racial intolerance, their disparities become glaringly apparent. Despite the hardships, Saffi cherishes every moment of their odyssey, as the splendor and solitude of the bush, shared trials, and a fight for survival forge an unbreakable bond among the travelers. As they navigate the untamed terrain, the beauty of their journey lies not just in the breathtaking landscapes, but in the transformation of their own spirits.

Gregory Paul

An engineer and geologist by profession, Gregory Paul grew up in rural England and Wales. First arriving in Australia in early 1982, Gregory lived and worked in outback South Australia, inland Queensland, and the Northern Territory. A period in the Middle East saw Gregory working in the community, where he developed a keen understanding of the local culture, and an appreciation of the important role that strong and capable young Arabic women play in their country’s future. Drawing on his love of open country, his experience in Australia and the Middle East, and inspired by a young woman’s diary detailing her drive from Melbourne to Perth in 1929, Gregory began writing Little Gibraltar Street.

Austin Macauley Publishers