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Chasing Angels

“[A] winning tale of struggle and hard-won reward” featuring “sharp-tongued, viciously funny Kathy Kelly” from the bestselling author of Finding Peggy (Publishers Weekly).

Kathy Kelly, born in the heart of Glasgow’s East End, comes from a family torn apart by conflict. She grows up with a sharp wit and a quick temper, constantly challenging those who cross her: her reproving grandmother; Con, her hard-drinking father; even the local priest—Kathy takes no prisoners. But at least she copes, unlike her older brother Peter, who disappears as fast as he can.

Kathy also escapes—to the Highlands. Here she finds work and a home with the Macdonalds, an eccentric, easy-going couple. But Con’s death drags Kathy back to Glasgow, where she is forced to look at things afresh, at past events and the people she thought she knew so well, and begin the search for her missing brother, a search which will result in an extraordinary, devastating discovery.

“The overall effect is of being at your auntie’s, of listening to an enthusiastic storyteller, of the fascination of taking a microscope to seemingly ordinary lives, seemingly mundane situations, and bringing them into dramatic focus.” —Scotland on Sunday

“Henderson writes from a position of uncompromising humanity. A strong, atmospheric writer with gifts of insight, she has a sharp and tarry black humor, so while she attacks the objects of her wrath, she leavens the battle with a running current of dark and infectious wit.” —Sunday Herald

Meg Henderson

Meg Henderson was born in Glasgow. She is a journalist and author of the bestselling memoir, Finding Peggy. She has also written many well-loved novels, including The Holy City, Bloody Mary, Chasing Angels, The Last Wanderer, Second Sight and Daisy's Wars.

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