This image is the cover for the book Ten Men

Ten Men

A darkly witty tale of one woman’s relationships with ten very different men on her road to finding The One… “A brilliant read.”—Cosmopolitan

A bestseller in the UK, this novel follows an unnamed woman as she encounters ten men—also unnamed, aside from the nicknames she gives them. There is The Virgin, who wants her as his first but not necessarily his last; The Billionaire, a walking bankroll with a bankrupt heart; The Director, who won’t leave his wife; The Lover, who’s out of her head when he’s out of her bed; and a half dozen more—none of whom manage to meet her needs.

As the years pass and she journeys from an island off France to Texas to England and beyond, our heroine learns a little bit more with each man she meets—and ultimately must figure out what’s missing in herself.

“Funny and incisive.”—Candace Bushnell

“Gray is a wry observer of love and of men.”—The Washington Post

Alexandra Gray

Alexandra Gray lives in Notting Hill, West London. This is her first book.

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