This image is the cover for the book Conquering the Impossible

Conquering the Impossible

In this gripping memoir, the legendary explorer undertakes a death-defying solo journey around the Arctic Circle without motorized transportation.

In August of 2002, Horn embarked on what would be a grueling twenty-seven-month expedition by sail and foot across 12,000 miles of extreme Arctic conditions. Enduring temperatures as low as -95 degrees Fahrenheit, Horn battled hazards, trekked across unstable ice that plunged him into frigid waters, encountered polar bears so close that he felt their breath on his face, and survived a fire that destroyed all of his equipment and nearly burned him alive.

From the hair-raising dangers that Horn faces alone to his amusing and inspiring encounters with the hardy inhabitants of the remotest corners of the earth, this adrenaline-filled tale chronicle’s one man’s unrelenting desire to push the boundaries of human possibility.

Mike Horn

MIKE HORN is a modern-day adventurer whose previous expeditions included traversing the Amazon river from source to sea, as well as circumnavigating the globe at the equator. Horn and Borge Ousland, his expedition partner, became the first two people ever to complete a solo journey to the North Pole entirely in winter. Born in South Africa, he lives with his family in Switzerland.

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