This image is the cover for the book CEO's Maid Sweetheart, Volume 3

CEO's Maid Sweetheart, Volume 3

The world's first tragedy of le mi, even after the pressure to treat the abuse of the President with a laugh, from the upcoming bankruptcy and debt-laden hard choices, she began her long maid road!

Severe cold dug a good big hole, holding a line waiting for le millet this pig jumped in, but did not expect to kill a way to bite gold, disrupted his plan, and he fought for le millet. Le mi feel, her life suddenly seems to be playing online games, before and after attacking two big BOSS, OMG, she is her own good? Not the "thing" they're fighting over, okay? Is there any freedom? Do you still let people play happily? agghh

Huan YingLanMeng, Lemon Novel