This image is the cover for the book The Making of Christian Morality

The Making of Christian Morality

In this volume David Horrell focuses on themes of community, ethics, and ecology in Paul, moving from the concrete social circumstances in which the earliest Christian communities gathered to the appropriation of Paul’s writings in relation to modern ethical challenges. Often questioning established consensus positions, Horrell opens up new perspectives and engages with ongoing debates both in Pauline studies and in contemporary ethics.

After covering historical questions about the setting of the Paul-ine communities, The Making of Christian Morality analyzes Paul-ine ethics through a detailed study of particular passages. In the third and final section Horrell brings Pauline thought to bear on contemporary issues and challenges, using the environmen­tal crisis as a case study to demonstrate how Paul’s ethics can be appropriated fruitfully in a world so different from Paul’s own.

David G. Horrell, John M. G. Barclay

David Horrell is professor of New Testament studies at the University of Exeter. His many other books include An Introduction to the Study of Paul and Solidarity and Difference: A Contemporary Reading of Paul's Ethics.

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