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Waking Up to Beauty

Poems are small individual vignettes. Each one telling a story and painting a picture.
Poetry is a special art form. People from all walks of life can express themselves and their thoughts through poetry.
Sometimes a memory triggers an emotion: if you like to write poetry, then there is no better way to express a moment in time than to write the words that give a poem life.
Poetry can be funny, it can be serious, it can be about love, it can be about sorrow. Poems can be about so much: about the sea, about rivers, about snow, and the warm glow in the fireplace, at home, in the deep mid-winter.
Poetry lets us feel the emotion and view the scene in our own minds, through the vision of the poet. Read on…

Anne Hay

Anne has had an interesting life. After completing her education in Australia and the UK, she returned to Australia, where she completed an RN nursing degree. She worked in Intensive Care, Emergency and Anaesthesiology departments, in various hospitals in Sydney, Australia.
Then the call to travel came again, and she headed off on more adventures overseas. She worked at the Gibraltar Museum and sailed at the yacht club at every opportunity. She returned to England and worked at Chichester Hospital and Chichester Museum. This opened up a whole new world to her.
At Chichester Museum, Anne helped work on two summer exhibitions: the first exhibition was on ‘Byzantium’; the second exhibition was called ‘Anglo Saxon England’. Specialists in these fields were brought in to work together with the curator to bring the exhibitions to fruition. Each exhibition was a great success, and enjoyed by the visiting public. During this time, Anne learned a lot of fascinating history and visited some interesting archaeological sites.
A few years later, Anne worked in the Medical Center in Houston, Texas, and then in a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey, USA. In the course of her work, Anne met her future husband, Barry. They enjoyed many adventures into nature: kayaking, camping, skiing and hiking in the mountains.
Anne and her husband later retired to France and enjoyed life close to the mountains and the vineyards of the Languedoc Roussillon region. Anne’s husband died in 2012.
She now calls Australia home and is still close to the mountains and the sea.

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