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Nine Yin And Nine Yang, Book 7

Yang Feng did not know who his father was until his mother died of illness when he was ten. Shortly later, he was received by the Yang family, an old martial family, and by his father whom he never met.However, at sixteen, Yang Feng was chased and killed due to the fighting for power in his family. He did not expect he could be reborn and gained the inheritance of his ancestors that his meridians were transformed by powerful internal forces. After cultivating the Nine Yin and Nine Yang Divine Art, Yang Feng decided to challenge his fate. As an illegitimate child who lived at the underclass, how would he become a god and make himself a legend?☆About the Author☆The Mouse That Marries The Cat(娶猫的老鼠) is a prolific novelist. He has created 11 novels, including "Nine Heavens and Dragons", "Nine Yin And Nine Yang", "Chaotic Emperor", "Da u", "Big Superior", "Supreme Dragon Totem", "Nine Stars Lord" and so on. As an author with great creative desire, the cat of the cat The Mouse That Marries The Cat has shown excellent imagination and literary talent since childhood.

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