This image is the cover for the book What If?

What If?

What If? is a contemporary work of magic realism that asks young adults this question, “What is it that you really seek and want from this life?”

When swimming in a primeval lake, Bridie ‘finds’ a casket that has a map and this riddle: ‘YOUR HEART’S DESIRE LIES IN THE FOREST…’

To solve the riddle, Bridie, with three other girls who attend an international boarding school in Cornwall in England, set out on a journey that leads to a series of adventures in which they meet, inter alia, HEBS (Highly Evolved Beings), ancestors who live underground on sacred ley-lines, and those who compose the Tablets of Destinies.

The girl’s quest centres on their heart’s true desire and is the thread that both sustains the narrative arc and the reader’s interest throughout.

Donald McCrory

Donald McCrory has written historical biographies, several academic texts and articles, a novel, and has won several prizes in national and international poetry competitions. He took early retirement from his post as Head of Modern Languages at the American International University in London to focus on creative writing and on further study of Oriental Religions, Philosophies and Languages (especially Sanskrit, Hindi and Mandarin). He currently lives in Spain.

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