This image is the cover for the book Fallacies and Confessions

Fallacies and Confessions

Coded messages lead a young woman to the shocking truth about her parents’ death in this interactive mystery novel.

Reign Noble was twenty-two when she found her parents dead bodies after a terrible car crash. The trauma and grief of that terrible day still haunts her, especially when she catches her own reflection in the mirror and sees her mother looking back at her. As she struggles to reach closure and move on with her life, Reign discovers her father’s journal, and a mysterious note he left for her inside.

The coded message reveals a closely guarded secret, setting Reign on a path to discover the truth about her parents’ past, and the real reason for their untimely deaths. In this interactive mystery, readers work alongside Reign to decode one cipher after another until the mystery is revealed.

J. M. Gasilla Barrios

My family became my inspiration when it comes to chasing my dreams in life. My parents sustained me as I pursue my passion for writing and taught me a lesson which became a huge part of who I am today and will always be engraved in my heart until I meet our Creator. Being an imaginative child, I let my mind wander through the mysteries and questions overwhelming inside my head and tried to formulate answers to my what ifs. I really don't know why though... maybe, the fact that I have always spent my time alone with a book in hand became the reason I decided to be one of the people to give the readers a piece of my world to live in to. A portal maker from your reality to a yet to be known fantasy. I live in Naga City, a small flourishing city found in the southern part of Luzon in The Philippines. A city where the atmosphere of happiness resonated along with the golden sun striking in the early morning and the bright appealing lights in the evening. This is the place where I grew up in and the early inspiration in my writings.

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