This image is the cover for the book Gracie Browne

Gracie Browne

Gracie Browne lives an idyllic life, or so it seems. On the surface she and her husband Aiden are a successful couple: childhood sweethearts, with a marriage that others could only aspire to. Deborah, one of the golf club wives and an admirer of Aiden has a burning passion to take him for herself. It’s during one of the dinner parties that Gracie hosts for the men and wives of the golf club, that Gracie finally finds her voice. A voice she thought so long ago was lost. Gracie would be silenced no more. That night she leaves Aiden and starts on a path of not only self-discovery, but of friendship with an unexpected person. Will Aiden persuade Gracie to come back home and to give their marriage another chance? Or will what Gracie discovers be the final straw?

Deirdre Fletcher

Deirdre Fletcher has always been animated at telling stories, but writing her own was never the plan. It was a chance meeting with someone at an event and the discussion of a man buying a last-minute present that started the story of Gracie Browne. When Deirdre admired a watch that a lady was wearing at the time, ‘That’s a nice watch,’ Deirdre stated as a conversation opener. ‘Last-minute present,’ the wearer replied, ‘makes up for the things he doesn’t do and the way he acts.’ Deirdre asked no more questions, but later that night, whilst thinking about what the real story may be, Deirdre started to write. Gracie Browne was born. Three years later when COVID-19 hit, Gracie Browne’s story was finished. After letting her friends and what became friends of friends read Gracie Browne’s story, each one loving it, Deirdre was encouraged to submit it to a publishing house. And as they say, the rest is history. Deirdre was born in Southport, ninth child and the baby of the family. Deirdre still lives in Southport with her husband, and has three children and a dog named Sidney.

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