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Staten Island Ferry, Images of America

Take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry and explore the rich history behind New York's maritime attraction.

Considered the "Best Ride in New York City," the Staten Island Ferry has been immortalized over the years in art, literature, film, and music. In the 19th century, cross-bay ferry riders complained of dangerous and unreliable private service. On October 25, 1905, the newly incorporated City of New York assumed ownership of the service, and the Borough class--the Brooklyn, Bronx, Richmond, Queens, and Manhattan ferryboats--was introduced. These were the largest ferries on the East Coast and made the crossing in 22.5 minutes. Today, the ferry is recognized as a New York icon and a symbol of the borough. A favorite destination for tourists, the Staten Island Ferry carries 22 million passengers annually. On a typical day, 109 trips move about 70,000 people across the harbor, making the Staten Island Ferry one of the most reliable forms of mass transit in the city.

Staten Island Museum

The Staten Island Museum, founded in 1881, is one of New York City's oldest cultural institutions and the only general-interest museum in the five boroughs of New York. Throughout its history, the museum has told the story of the Staten Island Ferry, preserving its heritage in documents, artifacts, photographs, and oral histories.

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