This image is the cover for the book Showing Up to Play, Better Work & Life Series

Showing Up to Play, Better Work & Life Series

In work, play, and life in general, when you combine clear goals with commitment and the right attitude, you get results. Written with assorted appeal, a touch of humor, and relatable stories, this book offers the benefits of a self-help book synthesized with practical professional and personal guidance to help you excel in many areas of life. Reviews: "Make your play your work and your work your play, with the metaphor of golf. Enjoy reading and sharing my friend Bob’s enlightened book. Learn all the lessons to make your life infinitely better off now". ~ Mark Victor Hanson, Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series."I was enthralled throughout and couldn’t wait to see what the next chapter contained. . .Excellent read! I hope there is another to come!" ~ Lisa Stackpole "This light-hearted book is a testament to perseverance and belief in one’s self." ~Michael Williams, Retired, US Air Force Special Operations Command.

Robert A. Fiacco

Robert A. Fiacco LUTCF, CLF --- is a speaker and business coach with over thirty years of experience building successful sales teams. Bob is also an internationally read blogger whose sense of humor and motivational/inspirational approach to life are infectious. He bring those attributes to his writing as well. Robert and Rose, his wife of thrity-five years, live in Greer, South Carolina with their Cocker Spaniel Bagger Vance. Robert believes that when your dreams are bigger than your fears, you can accomplish anything. To learn more, visit

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