This image is the cover for the book Godfathers of Chicago's Chinatown, True Crime

Godfathers of Chicago's Chinatown, True Crime

Discover the untold story of the Windy City's Ghost Shadows. Even in a town notorious for gangsters like Al Capone, much of Chicago's lawless lore has remained uncharted. Chicago's Chinatown, in particular, was home to a vast criminal enterprise, strictly bound by old country rituals, rules and traditions. Few know of Moy Dong Chew, aka "Opium Dong," one of Chinatown's original godfathers, much less Frank Moy, his fedora-wearing predecessor. While incidents like the St. Valentine's Day Massacre dominated newspaper headlines, the Tong Wars were being waged in the shadows. Author Harrison Fillmore relates the long and sordid history of Chinatown's underbelly from the early 1880s to the late 1980s when a Federal Indictment essentially ended organized crime's grip on their good citizens

Charles Daly

Harrison Fillmore is the nom de plume of a highly decorated and experienced member of the city of Chicago's law enforcement community. Having spent nearly twenty-five years investigating organized crime and considered an expert in the courts, Harrison Fillmore has been researching and collecting historical documents throughout his career, including much of the information filling the narrative of this book.

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