This image is the cover for the book Eerie Oklahoma

Eerie Oklahoma

With a flash of green light, a portal opens up in the Beaver Dunes. But even the strangeness of another dimension struggles to compete with Oklahoma's hair-raising heritage. The woods still whisper of a woman with doe eyes and deadly hooves. Tulsa's ivy-covered Hex House remains haunted by the ghost of its infamously manipulative owner. From the traveling mummy of John Wilkes Booth to the grandma who seasoned plum cakes with arsenic, Heather Woodward explores the peculiar and petrifying portions of Oklahoma's past.

Heather Woodward, Rebecca Lindsey, Stephanie Carrell

Heather is the founder of the NVus Alien podcast, an award-winning psychic and an author. She is also a medium. At present, she has done more than ten thousand readings and guided hundreds of clients on with their most pressing issues. She is a certified life coach, a certified crystal healing practitioner and a certified Rose Priestess and works with the Magdalene Rose lineage. Heather consistently works with the Pleiadean guides series, the Blue Rays and the Ascended Masters in the Sisterhood of the Rose. She specializes in multidimensional life path work, Akashic Records readings, past life integrations and twin flame or karmic relationships. For more info, go to

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