This image is the cover for the book Embers Rise

Embers Rise

Hazel is a trainee witch. She has extraordinary friends: Batrach, a talking frog, Oakman, the amiable guardian of the forest who dresses and behaves like a dandy, and Agatha, her mentor and head of the witch order. Hazel's job doesn't seem exciting at first - she has to take care of the ever-increasing dwarf population in her area. But things take an unexpected turn when Batrach is imprisoned in a fairy ring and she has to use all her skills and knowledge to set him free. In her search for a solution, she has to cajole grumpy leprechauns, fairies with sharp tongues and poor manners, and even encounter a demon.

Sophia Vixen

A former university teacher, Sophia Vixen has always been drawn to Celtic and Scandinavian mythology. Her real passion are Germanic languages and currently she speaks four. She is a writer, a licensed translator of Nordic novels, both classic literature and thrillers and a dedicated volunteer in a wildlife conservation project.

Austin Macauley Publishers