This image is the cover for the book The Lost Aztiki Tribe, Bob the Buffarillo and Friends

The Lost Aztiki Tribe, Bob the Buffarillo and Friends

Never heard of a Buffarillo? Why, it's a creature that's half-gorilla, half-buffalo, and all hero. In "The Lost Aztiki Tribe and the Mysterious Cave of Gold," Bob and his merry band of adventurers learn of an ancient lost tribe, a missing princess, and a legendary cave filled with unimaginable treasures. That's more than enough to start them off on a journey across the Western plains, but what they will find is not at all what they expect.

Edward Loffredo

Edward Loffredo was born in New York City. He went into the Air Force at age 18, and his first station was in Cheyenne, Wyoming---imagine moving to Cheyenne after only knowing New York City! Ed's friends back in New York did not know that people in Wyoming drove cars, had electricity, watched TV, and such. So Ed, being the type of person that he is, started telling tall tales, and Bob the Buffarillo was born. Every time he went back to New York, the people there expected more stories, and the saga continues to this day. Ed spent twenty years in the Air Force and retired, but then he was bored, so he took the test for the Post Office and spent twenty years working there. He is finally in official retirement and can indulge full-time his passions, which are writing, singing karaoke, and acting. He is now doing all three in Denver, Colorado.

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