Against the Odds

The galactic order has been shattered, and amidst the chaos heroes will rise…and fall—as Hugo Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Moon brings her stellar Familias Regnant saga to a spectacular conclusion.

Across Regnant space, the fight to put down the mutinous factions of the Fleet continues. Though the initial assaults have been contained, the mutineers are still at large. And the dangerous seditious elements are not limited to the military alone.

Within the Familias, the aged leaders of the great septs continue to hoard the mysterious rejuvenation drugs that may allow them to rule forever. And that is something that the ambitious younger generations of the ruling families can no longer abide…

Heroic Fleet loyalist Esmay Suiza has been coldly ousted from the service after her elopement to Barin Serrano is discovered and her religious status comes under suspicion. But she’s not about to back down from her sworn duty, and races to confront the members of the Grand Council—one of whom owes her a great service…

But unbeknownst to anyone, a powerful leader in the ranks of the Fleet has already turned against them, and their common enemy is determined to destroy the Familias Regnant in a final conflagration…

"SF readers will delight in the twisting, thorny adventure in the compelling continuation to this popular series."-- Publishers Weekly

"Fans of David Weber's “Honor Harrington” series will appreciate Moon's space opera of high politics and military adventure."—Library Journal

"A fun fast-paced mix of space and soap opera.”—Locus

"A triumphant coda."—Booklist

Elizabeth Moon

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