This image is the cover for the book In the Fog

In the Fog

The members of an exclusive London club endeavor to solve a baffling murder in this masterpiece from the golden age of detective fiction

Since the time of Shakespeare, there has been no group in London more influential than the Grill Club. A secret society whose members are drawn from the rich and the poor, the Grill is blind to politics, ideology, and wealth. The only demands made of its members are secrecy and an open mind.

On a foggy night in 1897, an American diplomat tells three other club members of a recent night when he was lost in the London fog and heard a distant scream. Following the sound, he entered a strange house, where he discovered a man lying dead on a princess’s divan. The crime baffled Scotland Yard, but the men of the Grill Club will get to the bottom of it—no matter how long it takes.

This ebook features a new introduction by Otto Penzler and has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Richard Harding Davis

Richard Harding Davis (1864–1916) was a pioneering journalist and novelist. As a war correspondent, he covered the Boer War, the Russo–Japanese War, and the Spanish–American War, where his writing about the Rough Riders helped make Teddy Roosevelt into a legendary national figure. He continued covering conflicts around the globe up until his death in 1916.