This image is the cover for the book Tomin in The Alien World, Book 8

Tomin in The Alien World, Book 8


In the eyes of others, Tang Yin is a handsome and laughing boy, but people do not know that he has another identity-professional killer. In an accident, he traveled through time and space into a chaotic world.

This is a crisis-filled battlefield, but he didn't feel uncomfortable He could make the most of his strength here. He doesn't care about military merits, does not pursue fame and fortune, he just hopes that he can win for the side he is in in the battles in various countries. He had the courage and tactics, led the troops to the enemy camp to destroy them, and also advised the leader when the war was anxious.

In the dangerous confrontation again and again, his ability has been greatly improved, and he has made great contributions to his country. The emperor's daughters were also fond of him, but the real difficulties awaited him in the future ...

☆About the Author☆

Liu Dao, a well-known online novelist and a contracted writer on the Chinese literature website. He has authored many works that are loved by readers, such as: How the Bad Guys Are Made. This book brought a brand-new reading experience to the readers at that time. He has won awards such as "Most Popular Writer of the Year" and was selected as one of the "Top 100 Writers" in 2017.

Liu Dao, Babel Novel