This image is the cover for the book Rhysmyth, Volume 2, Rhysmyth

Rhysmyth, Volume 2, Rhysmyth

An awkward teen finds herself navigating new friendships, romance, and the non-stop action of a new sport in this continuing manga series.

Clumsy high school student Elena tumbled down a flight of stairs…into the action-packed world of Rhysmith! 

Now she’s on the team—to her surprise—and competing alongside the very best: the beautiful and confident Taylor, the brainy but free-spirited Diocel, and the most hardcore of them all, unpredictable team captain Wahzee. But as her team prepares for their toughest match yet, against archrival Mountain Ridge Prep, will Elena's skills be up to snuff? And will she be able to keep Diocel focused on the match—instead of on her? The heart-pounding beats and stylized grooves keep on pumpin’ in this volume of Rhysmith!

Praise for Rhysmyth, Vol. 1

“When both the writing and art fire on both barrels, however, you have a great read on your hands, and that’s the case with Rhysmyth. . . . I can see this book finding a welcome audience among young women, particularly if they’re avid gamers.”—

Anthony Andora, Lincy Chan

Tokyopop Verlag