This image is the cover for the book Rebirth: Sweet Divine Doctor Wife, Volume 1

Rebirth: Sweet Divine Doctor Wife, Volume 1

in her previous life she had countless doctors but they were unable to cure her own illness in this life she had been reborn into the food industry for the past few years and now she was wearing a blind little military servant girl even though she was handicapped her battalion commander husband was very capable even if she had a domineering and stubborn temper he never left her and he never disliked her being blind one day the genius doctor would make a move and cure her eye disease she looked at the handsome and majestic man with a smile battalion commander yan let's get to know each other again i'm your wife the man threw his arms around her i think we should get to know each other better don't you from then on the commander would accompany her in torturing the scum of the world working together for a hundred years deeply loving without regrets

Nian Xi, Lemon Novel