This image is the cover for the book Desolation


Twenty-six years ago, the world as we knew it ended. Now, a new generation has come of age in a world that brings out the best and worst in humanity. Civilization collapsed us into a new dark age of desperate and disparate survivors, fighting to make a life for themselves while humanity remains on the brink of extinction. Humans cling on to life in barely-hospitable desert conditions, far too extreme for the hordes of undead that dominate the arable regions of the continent. Follow nomad, Jack, and former slave, Ashe, through a hellish wasteland, pursued by a brutal warlord across the Australian continent, as they discover that life is about so much more than just staying alive in the process.

Simon L Butler

Simon L Butler is a new author, with a degree in political philosophy. He has a keen interest in economics, sociology, and human behaviour – all of which come into play in his writing to one degree or another.

Austin Macauley Publishers