This image is the cover for the book How I Changed My Mind About Evolution, BioLogos Books on Science and Christianity

How I Changed My Mind About Evolution, BioLogos Books on Science and Christianity

Perhaps no topic appears as potentially threatening to evangelicals as evolution. The very idea seems to exclude God from the creation the book of Genesis celebrates. Yet many evangelicals have come to accept the conclusions of science while still holding to a vigorous belief in God and the Bible. How did they make this journey? How did they come to embrace both evolution and faith? Here are stories from a community of people who love Jesus and honor the authority of the Bible, but who also agree with what science says about the cosmos, our planet and the life that so abundantly fills it. Among the contributors are Scientists such as

Francis Collins Deborah Haarsma Denis Lamoureux

Pastors such as

John Ortberg Ken Fong Laura Truax

Biblical scholars such as

N. T. Wright Scot McKnight Tremper Longman III

Theologians and philosophers such as

James K. A. Smith Amos Yong Oliver Crisp

BioLogos Books on Science and Christianity invite us to see the harmony between the sciences and biblical faith on issues including cosmology, biology, paleontology, evolution, human origins, the environment, and more.

Kathryn Applegate, J. B. Stump, Deborah Haarsma

Kathryn Applegate (PhD, The Scripps Research Institute) is program director at BioLogos, where she designs and coordinates programs aimed at translating scholarship on origins for the evangelical church. She earned bachelors degrees in biophysics and mathematics at Centenary College of Louisiana and a PhD in computational cell biology from The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla). At Scripps she developed computer vision algorithms and mathematical models of the cell?s internal scaffold, the cytoskeleton. Kathryn enjoys an active involvement in both the science and faith community and in her church. She and her husband Brent have two young children and love exploring the state parks of Michigan together.