This image is the cover for the book Woman's Drink

Woman's Drink

“A delicately illustrated, beautifully photographed, and actually useful handbook of cocktail ideas tailored to specific scenarios.” —Vogue

Filled with gorgeous cocktails and favorite drinks from notable women, this chic package celebrates a new cocktail culture that’s distinctly and unapologetically feminine.

Inspired by Brooklyn bars Elsa and Ramona, the cocktails here capture the joys and pleasures of making the perfect drink at home. Whether you’re drinking solo, drinking with a plus one, or drinking with a crowd, there’s a recipe for every occasion.

Featuring fifty mixed drinks—including classics like Cosmos and Negronis, as well as new spins like Elderflower Bellinis—the cocktails in this book are strong, spirited, and bold, just like the women who drink them.

Natalka Burian

Chronicle Books LLC