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Asura Continent, Volume 4

Perhaps for Lu Yang, fate is unfair.He is the childe of the Lu family, but also the most humble illegitimate of the Lu family. The father and his principal wife lived in the exquisite courtyard, but Lu Yang and his mother who were abandoned by the family lived in the most deserted cottage. Lu Yang dod not understand literature, nor did he have the martial cultivation. Even if he is ridiculed as a waste by the people, there is no way.That year, Lu Yang was humiliated and lost his loved ones. Now, returning from the Asura world, Lu Yang wants to change all of this, and let Heaven and Earth submit to his feet.☆About the Author☆Banmu Pond is an excellent fantasy novel writer. He has written a total of eight novels, including Asura Continent, Piggy's School Years, Yin and Yang Ghost Emperor and so on. The pen name of Banmu Pond was taken from the poem of Zhu Xi, a poet of the Song Dynasty. The author expressed his attitude towards reading and the pursuit of new knowledge.

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