This image is the cover for the book Soldier's Home, The Soldier Series

Soldier's Home, The Soldier Series

The follow-up to The Single Soldier: A powerful novel set in a small French village as one man is caught between war and peace, heartache and hope . . .

The Germans have left, the war is over, and his home has been rebuilt—but a home is just a set of empty rooms without people and love.

Around him, the community tries to rekindle their lives, and rediscover their reasons for surviving. As the soldier waits for the return of his love, the world keeps moving, threatening to leave his hopes and dreams behind—and his soul remains troubled, until peace finally arrives from a very unexpected source . . .

Praise for The Single Soldier:

“Magnificent.” —Willy Russell, author of Blood Brothers and Educating Rita

George Costigan

George Costigan was born in Portsmouth, raised and schooled in Manchester, did more jobs than it is possible for anyone to conceive of these days before finding the world of acting. Known in the trade as 'In the dressing-up-box'. Fifty-plus years later - happily still in there. He finally began to grow up in Liverpool, where he met Life, Art, Theatre and Julia North and two of their three sons were born. And writing began.

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