This image is the cover for the book Favored Crazy Consort: Ghost Emperor too Proud, Volume 5

Favored Crazy Consort: Ghost Emperor too Proud, Volume 5

Zhuo Qingyan, a member of the current generation of special forces, nicknamed Solitary Falcon, had been blown away from her mission and landed on a cliff. When he opened his eyes again, he was like the concubine of the Shang Shu Manor of the Darkhan Empire — the Fourth Miss, a fool. An imperial edict bestowed the marriage to the current emperor's uncle, the Prince of the Ghost Face. With a shake of her body, she became the imperial aunt of the current dynasty. A useless king and a foolish concubine were born a pair. Becoming the king, the sage's assistant patted her chest and said, "If you open the borders, I'll help you expand the land; if you recruit troops, I'll help you train; if you don't have a horse, I'll help you steal one; if you don't have one …" "My beloved concubine, This King has no children …" "Let me help you …" Then, wait a little longer … His Royal Highness was in his prime, so it was not bad for him to be strong. There would definitely be someone to succeed him! However, what she did not know was that she carried a secret. The treasure map that was imprinted on her back was being fought over by various forces. She had also become a 'prey'! Prince, the wangfei has brought people to pick out the Grand Guardian of the Lin Country … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "There are too many people who want to be the overseer, switch!" — — "My prince, the wangfei brought people to beat up the great general of the Northern Jin and hung him naked on a tree." — Well done! He wanted to see how the cold faced bronze masked prince doted on his wife. He could fight for her in this world, but loving her was his treasure.

Zhao SiXiaoNiu, Lemon Novel