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Black River & Western Railroad, Images of Rail

The Black River & Western Railroad has provided over 50 continuous years of passenger excursions in rural New Jersey between Flemington and Ringoes, passing through the pristine scenery of Hunterdon County. May 16, 1965, was the first official day of steam-powered passenger excursions, and 50 years later, on May 16, 2015, the same steam locomotive provided power for another steam-powered excursion. During those years, the railroad has grown from the simple excursion attraction of historic railroad equipment, providing the public amusement, to a regional short-line railroad.

Jerry J. Jagger

Author Jerry J. Jagger has selected a number of photographs to illustrate the progression of the railroad over the past 50 years from one man's dream of furnishing amusement to the public to a true short-line railroad providing both passenger excursions and freight service. Jerry is a railroad enthusiast and has been a volunteer conductor with the Black River Railroad Historical Trust.

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