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Spartan Strong

Team KO, a group of Obstacle Course Racers and Martial Artists, featured on NBC’s new TV show Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, band together to share their secrets to success in overcoming obstacles in both life and Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). By compiling their life struggles—cancer, addiction, and poverty—readers alike find relatable guidance to overcoming their own challenges.

Spartan Strong introduces each team member—Bethany Marshall, Zac Allen, Jessica Burton, Andres Encinales—before identifying 19 qualities the team has used as essential tools to incorporate in everyday life. Each chapter includes an opportunity for immediate reader response in the form of a practical takeaway with an accompanying journal prompt.

These four team members emphasize they are not superheroes and they are no different than anyone else. Their message encourages readers to join Team KO’s community and take steps towards overcoming their own obstacles in life, no matter what those may be.

Bethany Marshall, Jessica Burton, Zac Allen, Andres Encinales

Bethany Marshall is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter (4-1), and a competitive Spartan Racer. She was a contestant on season one of Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge on NBC in 2016, as well as on season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter, the first of the show to include women. Bethany is passionate about writing, health, publishing, and helping others in their athletic journeys. Bethany also loves spending time with family and friends, and at home with her boyfriend Zac and their two dogs, in Newport News, Virginia.Jessica Burton aka “Jess No Limits” resides in Newport News, Virginia. She was a contestant on season one of Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge on NBC in 2016. She is also an elite Spartan Racer and since 2013 she has run over 60 Spartan races including the Ultra Beast which is over 30+ miles with 60+ obstacles. She qualified and competed in the Spartan World Championships in both 2015 and 2016, with no plans of slowing down. She has also taken her athleticism to another level and has educated herself to become a Certified Spartan Coach in 2016 to inspire and help others. Spartan Race has also made her an official Spartan Race Ambassador to represent and to continue pushing this huge movement of "building better humans". She also practices Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on her down time. She leads by example and practices balancing her life to achieve healthiness between mind, body and soul. She has overcome addiction, as well as other obstacles in life, and wants to share with readers how they can do the same.Zac Allen is an MMA fighter, Spartan Racer, cancer survivor, and entrepreneur. A wrestler for over 15 years, he transitioned naturally into the sport of MMA. He applies the same intensity that he does for fighting to his OCR training -- ensuring tough, results- delivering workouts! He always enjoys challenging himself both physically and mentally whether it be in preparation for his next fight, race, or business venture. He is the co-founder of Leaderboard Fit, and online OCR training platform that focuses on delivering high quality training from top coaches in the sport to competitive racers. He lives in Newport News, Virginia, with his girlfriend Bethany and their two dogs.Andres Encinales is a Mixed martial artist focusing on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, as well as an OCR athlete, Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition through ISSA. He was raised as a child in Columbia before moving to New Jersey. Due to his active duty military status, he currently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is a highly motivated athlete always challenging himself and hopes to be able to help others reach their potential.

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