This image is the cover for the book Doomsday Brunette, Nuclear Bombshell

Doomsday Brunette, Nuclear Bombshell

“A wild and crazy adventure that blends noir detective fiction and far-out future SF to create a tongue-in-cheek, thoroughly enjoyable story” (SF Site).

In the deco-inspired, pop-culture-obsessed future, Zachary Nixon Johnson has made a name for himself as the last private eye on Earth. Now the wise-cracking PI and his supercomputer sidekick, HARV, are hired by Ona Thompson, one of four genetically-engineered super women known collectively as the Thompson Quads. Ona’s sister has been murdered, and she needs Zach to locate the killer.

The list of suspects is long—including a butler, security experts, a giant monkey, and even Ona herself. And the list of motives is even longer. Vengeance, envy, wealth, and fun could all be at play. It isn’t long before Zach’s fedora is filled to the brim with danger and destruction in this thrilling follow-up to The Plutonium Blonde.

John Zakour, Lawrence Ganem

JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.