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Plymouth, Postcard History

Plymouth, famous as the landing place of the Pilgrims in 1620, conjures images of quaintly clad settlers, the first Thanksgiving, and Plymouth Rock. Known as �America�s Hometown,� Plymouth is the nation�s longest enduring English settlement, still thriving four centuries after its founding. In the 19th century, Plymouth became an industrial center with the largest rope-making factory in the world. Immigrant workers revitalized the old Yankee town, making its modern character as much blue collar as blue blood. A developing Plymouth embraced its past, erecting monuments to the Pilgrims and highlighting sites like Burial Hill and Pilgrim Hall. The town became a major destination in the 20th century, attracting tourists and seasonal residents with its antiquity and scenic beauty. From picturesque to gritty, encounter more than the Pilgrims in this postcard history of Plymouth, featuring early-20th-century souvenir views.

Donna DeFabio Curtin

Donna DeFabio Curtin lives with her husband, Ted, along the banks of Plymouth�s old industrial waterway, Town Brook. She currently researches local history and restores old houses as director of the Plymouth Antiquarian Society.

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