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A “fresh, intense, erotic, funny, and scary” novel of vampiric horror from the New York Times–bestselling author of the Stillhouse Lake novels (P.N. Elrod, author of Drawing Dead and Other Stories).

After eight years of marriage, surgeon Mike Bowman and his police officer wife have snuck time into their busy schedules to celebrate their anniversary. But work is never far from Mike’s mind, which is why he finds himself in the morgue in the middle of night instead of in his wife’s arms . . . 

Trying to come to terms with two young murder victims he wasn’t able to save, Mike unburdens himself to his friend and morgue attendant Adam Radburn. Good ol’ Adam, whose eyes seem bizarrely dark tonight and whose reflection in the cold storage drawers . . . doesn’t exist. 

When Adam reveals his true self to Mike—and saves him from the clutches of death—Mike goes from a man trained to save lives to one who must take them to survive. And though Mike is now immune to mortal dangers, there are new threats to contend with and worse creatures who walk the Earth. One has been tracking Adam for centuries. To satisfy his bloodlust, he’s willing to destroy everyone Adam holds dear—including his new offspring.

“In The Undead, vampires lurk menacingly, and they are not the cute, cuddly, romantic-type vampires of modern urban fiction. These are serious, life-threatening, blood-sucking, kill-you-till-you’re-dead vampires . . . [A] diamond in the rough.” —Rambles

Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine (1962–2020) was the New York Times–, USA Today–, and #1 Wall Street Journal–bestselling author of more than fifty books across multiple genres, from adult thriller to urban fantasy/science fiction, as well as works for young adults. With millions of copies sold, she was a frequent guest at conventions in the United States and around the world. Her popular book series include the Morganville Vampires novels, the Great Library series, and the #1-bestselling Stillhouse Lake books. Caine lost her fight with a rare and aggressive cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, in November of 2020.

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