This image is the cover for the book The Top Soldier King in  Metropolis, Volume 1

The Top Soldier King in Metropolis, Volume 1

Ye Zheng, the elite member of the "Crimson Flame" Special Forces, a generation's leader with outstanding combat skills, had actually suffered an ambush from a mysterious life form in the Northern Wasteland, suffering heavy injuries and losing five comrades. After retiring from the army, Ye Zheng accepted a special mission to conceal his identity, hibernate the city, and wait for an opportunity to emerge. He vowed to uncover the truth, uncover the culprit and the great evildoer, and seek revenge for his fallen comrades. However, the road ahead was dangerous, every step he took was full of thorns. How was Ye Zheng supposed to face the powerful internal and external enemies? Facing the love net woven by a beautiful woman, how could he break out of it? What was the truth of the whole thing? Was there really such a thing as a superpower in the world? A natural phenomenon that caused the weather to change. How could Ye Zheng, this proud and aloof wolf, run wild in the reinforced concrete jungle, emitting such a sorrowful and wild howl?

Lao YinZhanShi, Babel Novel