This image is the cover for the book Cultivation Things, I Am the Heroine, Volume 3

Cultivation Things, I Am the Heroine, Volume 3

Yan Qingyang, who had been framed and hunted down and imprisoned by his good sister, Luo Xing, had been reborn as a child.

She had originally planned to expel Luo Xing and start cultivating again, but now she discovered that her aptitude had been swapped with Luo Xing's.

Luo Xing possessed the spirit root of her previous life and became a peerless genius.

She, on the other hand, had become a peerless trash!

Thus, after her rebirth, she activated Hell Mode …

Yan Qingyang: Heh, that girl, you're just a tiny speck of dust in a myriad of stars, and I'm destined to be that unique and dazzling sun. You have to understand that I'm the real female lead!

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