This image is the cover for the book Lovely Princess, the Prince Arrived, Volume 5

Lovely Princess, the Prince Arrived, Volume 5

Originally, he had wanted to rely on space to bring his disciple around the world, but who knew that the tyrannical prince would surround her in this world. Every day, there would be a discordant scene from OOXX. Covering his face)Sister Ghani ~This lord was crafty and had killed many people. He stood right in front of the wangfei, massaging his chest and back like a loyal dog. This was all done for outsiders to see! At night, they were like wolves and tigers, and even their beds were damaged! (123456789) Clutching his face again)In order to help the prince ease his growing passion! With a wave of her hand, a notice was posted to vent the desires of the royal family!

Zhi HuanBuAi, Lemon Novel