This image is the cover for the book No Animal Is Perfect

No Animal Is Perfect

No animal is perfect! Join James the wise old jaguar as he walks along the rainforest floor and meets so many of his neighbours. As he moves through the forest, he realises that no animal is the same and, in fact, that all of us are different in all sorts of different ways.
This story will help children understand that sometimes we face challenges that make us different from our friends. We might look or sound slightly dissimilar or perhaps have an unusual way of moving or speaking.
Told in entertaining rhymed verse, No Animal Is Perfect reminds us all that it is okay not to be perfect… in fact, nobody is!

Helen M. Todd

When Helen’s children were little she loved to write stories and read them just for fun. Now her children are all grown up and she has grandchildren, she has decided it’s time to start writing stories for other children to enjoy.
Helen lives in Bedfordshire with her husband and her cat. Her children and grandchildren live close by.

Austin Macauley Publishers