This image is the cover for the book Switchers Trilogy, The Switchers Trilogy

Switchers Trilogy, The Switchers Trilogy

A special three-in-one edition of Kate Thompson’s Switchers fantasy trilogy, including Switchers, Midnight’s Choice, and Wild Blood In Switchers, thirteen-year-old Tess has a secret power—and it just might save the world from disaster.She is a Switcher, able to change into any animal at will. No one knows her secret, or so she thinks. But one day, a strange, scruffy boy named Kevin follows her home from her Dublin bus stop. He’s a Switcher, too, and he convinces Tess that their powers are needed to stop the snowstorms that are rapidly advancing from the Arctic. Tess and Kevin will have to stretch their abilities to the very limit to try to save the world from frozen destruction. In Midnight’s Choice, Tess believes she has experienced everything her powers have to offer—until she meets Martin, another Switcher, who seems to have a mysterious power over the Dublin rats. Martin’s gift is dangerous and terrifying, but also exciting, and Tess can’t resist the temptation to explore his dark and thrilling world. Will she find the strength to resist, or will she be pulled permanently into darkness? In Wild Blood, it’s time for Tess to choose her final form.Within days, she will turn fifteen and lose her power, remaining locked into a single shape. But what shape should she choose? As she tries to decide, Tess travels to her uncle Maurice’s farm in County Clare. She’s distracted from her weighty decision by the feeling that there’s something strange about the woods near the farm. What does it have to do with Tess’s choice? Her journey will take her to places she never could have imagined, as she approaches once and for all her final Switch.

Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson (b. 1956) is an award-winning British-Irish author of adult and children’s fiction. She is best known for her young adult fantasy novels, which include the Switchers Trilogy: Switchers, Midnight’s Choice, and Wild Blood. She has won the Whitbread/Costa Children’s Book Award and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize, and has been awarded the Children’s Books Ireland (CBI) Book of the Year Award four times. Thompson lives on the west coast of Ireland.     

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