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Thirty Years That Changed the World

While there are many studies and commentaries on the book of Acts, few focus on the amazing achievement of the people found within its narrative. The first Christians chronicled in Acts turned the world upside down in the space of a generation. In this book Michael Green opens up the gripping story of Acts, highlighting the volcanic eruption of faith described there and comparing it to the often halfhearted Christianity of the modern Western world.

Combining trusted scholarship with a popular, enjoyable writing style, Thirty Years That Changed the World is an ideal book for church, group, or personal study. Green explores the life and faith of the Christians of Acts, answering such questions as What kind of people were they? How did they live? and How did they organize and practice as members of the new church? Besides unveiling the nature of life in the early church, Green discusses how we today can apply the first Christians' dynamic efforts at church planting, pastoral care, social concern, gospel proclamation, and prayer.

Michael Green

 Michael Green (1930–2019) was one of the best-known British evangelical theologians and preachers of his generation. A scholar with degrees from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Toronto, Green had a passion for evangelism and a rare talent for communicating complex ideas in easy-to-understand language. In 1996, Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey granted Green a Lambeth degree of Doctor of Divinity. ?He led university missions on six continents, pastored St. Aldate's Church Oxford, and introduced innovative approaches in seminary education. He authored more than seventy books across a range of fields, including evangelism, apologetics, biblical commentary, and academic theology.

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