This image is the cover for the book Owning, Growing and Being

Owning, Growing and Being

‘A lived experience’ what does this phrase really mean? A lot of companies and organisations like to use this ‘expression’ when describing ‘you’, your family and or maybe even someone that you may know that looks or sounds like you. But do they really know you? Do they really want to know you? Or is it something else that they want from you? This book explores some of the challenges and benefits of getting to know more about yourself, and considers what might make you ‘similar’ and or ‘different’ and or ‘unique’ within a multi-racial and multi-cultural society, especially those that might consider themselves as coming ‘from a minority group’ (with regard to race, sexuality, language, colour, income, etc.). Finally, this ‘non-politically correct resource’ will explore some of the interpersonal challenges for working with charities, social care organisations, general workplaces, and the like. How ‘others’ (individuals and organisations) might see you – is it similar and or different to how they might see themselves, and to how you understand yourself? Readers of this book might be surprised by some of the contradictions from those that might be working with you and or around you, maybe just because of who you are or who others assume that you are. The joy of this book is that it provides some practical strategies and answers for making the most out of ‘the now’ and living our best lives even in the complicated world that we may find ourselves in.

D. E. Lawrence

D. E. Lawrence has been a business coach, sports professional, educator, and diversity and inclusion advisor/trainer for several years and has an international practice covering the USA, UK, EU and the Caribbean. His current interests include groupwork, sports management , jazz composition and being an ally to sports and arts projects that support young people and the reduction of knife and gun crime.

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